Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for the Kindness of a Stranger

First of all, I'm writing this blog from my easy on the critique :)

Today, a fellow blogger from Ohio, whom I've never met, sent me a comment. He had decided to write about the next blog he clicked on. Which happened to be ours! His post ( was so touching I got teary-eyed in a pizza parlor reading it out loud to Jared. Granted, I also cry at commercials and corny movies like Air Bud...I digress... Anyway, Christopher Day committed to pray for us and asked his readers to pray for us, too.

I want to let Christopher know that his random act of kindness was appreciated. Today, Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for his prayers and the people who commented and said they, too, would pray for us. I don't have a dramatic story about how I desperately needed prayer, but I do know that God put this in my life, and maybe I'll never know why...but I trust it's making an impact.

So in return, I'm asking you guys to pray for Christopher Day. And maybe follow in his steps and pick a blog at random to pray for, too. Let them know that you are keeping them in your prayers that day. Careful not to sound preachy or crazy...keep it simple. I can't explain it, but I just felt blessed all day yesterday knowing others were praying for us.

Love you all. Happy Thanksgiving!


Joe said...

Prayed for you for a while...I was burdened to pray that 2009 would be a year where God leads you to greater leadership and influence in your community/school?

I think you should be courageous and take risks cause that's what us Jesus followers do.

For what it's worth,

A friend of Chris Day's

Joe said...

I got here from Chris' blog so thought I'd say "hi." It would be great if everyone would try to do this occasionally. My idea was to call this the "Chris Day Effect," or something like that.

Anyway, from one former high school football coach to an active one (and his lovely wife), don't forget to use off-tackle in your running game. ;-)

Dana said...

That is such a cool story, to know that a total stranger cares enough to pray for you.