Sunday, September 28, 2008

My first 5K

This weekend I ran my first 5K. I've always considered myself a runner--I ran cross country in high school, and in college I just ran to stay fit, even got up to 13 mile jogs when I had friends around to push me. I'm not very fast, but it's really the only sport I'm coordinated enough to do. Yeah, my mom's famous words to me after numerous games of me sitting on the bench (and her reading a book in the stands) were, "But honey, your hair looks great." Side note: one of the moms in the stands told me those exact words the other day when I attempted to explain how we got two points on a touch back. Apparently you can't get points off a touch back, but you can off of a safety. Whatever...but, my hair looked great.
Anyways, in high school, I enjoyed racing, but I hated that I wasn't quite fast enough to really compete. I also enjoyed running just to stay fit, but you really need other running friends to make that fun, which is harder to find now that I'm out of college.
I loved the 5K I ran this weekend, though. It was the Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer walk/run, so my participation raised money and awareness for a great cause. I set my own goal of staying under 33 minutes and I truly didn't care what place I was in or who was passing me. One of my coworkers ran it with me, and all I really wanted to do was get both of us across that finish line. We did it and I beat my goal by a whole minute! And, my hair didn't look too bad either.

My first race number.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pop Goes My Heart!

This is the kind of stuff I get to watch when Jared is at practice. Greatness! From the movie Music and Lyrics.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Jared's team had their first win on Friday! I was so proud of him, the other coaches, and the boys. It was Jared's second game as the offensive coordinator, too, so I was an especially proud coach's wife.

I took the saying above, "winner winner, chicken dinner," from the blackjack movie, 21 (good movie, by the way). Being a coach is a little like "strategic" gambling. They have a game plan, they practice, they study the game and their opponents, but every Friday the coach puts his career on the line. It's a scary thing to know that your career can depend on the way a 15-year old executes a play. It's kind of like putting your money out on the table and hoping the cards fall your way. Yet, it's exhilarating.

When Jared's team loses, we both get that pit in our stomachs--just sort of sick filling. I personally relate this feeling to tournament poker. Jared and I love to play Texas Hold 'Em, but there is nothing like playing a tournament for hours-on-end and into the wee hours of the night just to "miss the money" (if the top three players get paid, and you're number four, you "missed the money"). In addition to all the practice and planning, the boys fight for four long quarters. That's a lot of work to walk away with nothing.

Sometimes in poker, you play exactly like you should have, or at least the best that you're capable of, but you just get beat. Same with football. Or, you know you made a bad call or fold and you torture yourself by replaying it over and over in your head. Jared replays every game in his head. Even when they win, he questions calls he made.

Oh, but the joy of a win! It's funny--when I play poker and win, I can't wait to play again, but if I lose, I'm just not excited to get back into it. When the boys win, it makes it all worthwhile. All the long hours, all the frustration in dealing with teenage boys, all the pressure of job security (or lack thereof) just seems worth it. It seems like a risk worth taking.

Sometimes you just have to take a gamble and see what cards you're dealt.

Monday, September 15, 2008

This is not it

Justin, Josh, Ryan, Ben, Taylor, Ashley, Jeb. All completed their lives in less than 25 years. All friends of mine. All different causes. Just in 2008 alone my friends, family, and I have dealt with losing young loved ones to drug overdose, colon cancer, a freak accident where an 18-wheeler literally fell off an overpass onto a car, and just last week a guy I graduated with from high school had a heart attack.

I don't mean to bring anyone down, but I just feel like it's constantly around me. Life just feels so temporary. It is, but I don't think most people really feel it. Know what I mean? Most young people feel invincible, but I just never felt that way. It's not like I live in constant fear or anything, although it's definitely prevalent, but I'm just aware that this life isn't it.

I don't know why it is so shocking when we lose someone, but it is...every time. I just did a quick search on BibleGateway, and there are 459 appearances of the word "death," only slightly beat by the word "life" with 538 appearances in the ESV. Not to mention verses like the following, that don't say the words, but imply that this life is not permanent.

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”2 Corinthians 4:18

But am I living my life recklessly, even though I'm aware of its brevity? Yeah, I think most of us are. I can't say that I'm pressing into what is eternal daily. I still get so caught up in the temporary things. I hope that the loss of our friends has tugged at other's hearts, and that they've at least considered the possibility that this isn't it. I hope that I'll remember that living cautiously by my standards may be reckless by God's standards.

Here's a few of my favorite pics of friends I've lost. I hope Ashley and Josh are enjoying their real life up there. Miss you guys.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Game picture of the Coach

Here's a pic from Jared's game yesterday. He always pats the boys on the helmet when he's done talking to them. It's cute. He's so good with those guys.

New experiences

One of my favorite things to do is try something new. I love to see what's out there...and then I usually follow it with my critique of what they could do to make it better. It's the perfectionist in me! Sometimes something just doesn't turn out like you expect it to, though.

Thursday, I decided to take a yoga class. I'm fairly fit, I can handle yoga...right? Well, it turns out my first challenge wasn't so much a fitness one, more like a character one. The instructor walks in and, no lie, he must have weighed 250-300 pounds. He's as round as a Tella Tubby. Don't judge me people, but it took everything in me not to laugh at the prospect of what I was about to see. Then, as the class gets started and I'm controlling my urge to giggle, someone around me passes gas. Lord, don't do this to me! I'm trying to be a good girl. Oh no, He just kept on testing my character. As I'm trying not to laugh like a fifth grader or gag from the smell, we're instructed "Take a deep breath in through your nose." The composed and proper lady in me quickly went into downward dog to hide the humongous grin on my face!

After getting through the first five minutes, the class actually turned out to be great. The Tella Tubby, turned out to be one of the best group instructors I've ever had (and he could hold his foot up over his head--impressive for a big guy). Three days later, I'm still sore. I think I'll go back.

Also, this weekend, I did IKEA. Jared had a noon football game on Saturday against George Teague's team in Carrolton (Teague was the Cowboy player who defended the star when T.O. danced on it after a touchdown--prior to T.O.'s days as a Cowboy). Let's just say Teague's team defended their field, as well. As the coaches headed off to break down film of the game, I figured I had A LOT of time to do whatever I wanted. Off to tackle IKEA, the largest furniture/accessory store, like ever.

Everyone says that IKEA is so great and amazing. Great stuff for great prices. So, I thought I'd check it out. Disappointed! I guess cold, modern, cheap-looking, isn't my style. I'm sure a lot of the pieces would look great (until they fall apart) if your home has an edgy, modern look, but other than that, I'm honestly not sure where you would put most things. I would consider it for a kids room or a college dorm, but other than that, I don't think I'll plan to be a frequent IKEA shopper. Oh well. I headed off to the largest shopping mall in DFW after that--Grapevine Mills Mall. I made it around half the mall before I gave in and headed home (still beating my husband home).

And to top it off with "first time" experiences, we're heading to my best friend's daughter's FIRST birthday today. To Jared's pleasure, right in the middle of the Cowboys first game. Thank goodness for DVRs.

Well, the good news is I like yoga, which is healthy and free (sort of), and I didn't find a place to spend our money. Oh, I also tried Gelato for the first time...not bad at all!