Sunday, September 28, 2008

My first 5K

This weekend I ran my first 5K. I've always considered myself a runner--I ran cross country in high school, and in college I just ran to stay fit, even got up to 13 mile jogs when I had friends around to push me. I'm not very fast, but it's really the only sport I'm coordinated enough to do. Yeah, my mom's famous words to me after numerous games of me sitting on the bench (and her reading a book in the stands) were, "But honey, your hair looks great." Side note: one of the moms in the stands told me those exact words the other day when I attempted to explain how we got two points on a touch back. Apparently you can't get points off a touch back, but you can off of a safety. Whatever...but, my hair looked great.
Anyways, in high school, I enjoyed racing, but I hated that I wasn't quite fast enough to really compete. I also enjoyed running just to stay fit, but you really need other running friends to make that fun, which is harder to find now that I'm out of college.
I loved the 5K I ran this weekend, though. It was the Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer walk/run, so my participation raised money and awareness for a great cause. I set my own goal of staying under 33 minutes and I truly didn't care what place I was in or who was passing me. One of my coworkers ran it with me, and all I really wanted to do was get both of us across that finish line. We did it and I beat my goal by a whole minute! And, my hair didn't look too bad either.

My first race number.


The Tomblins said...

I'll run with you. We need to find a common meeting place after work??

Dana said...

Your hair looks fabulous :)